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Wonderwall Kits

Wonderwall is an easy-to-install, modular, self-irrigating living wall kit. You can start small or go large. Either way, our system is specially designed to enable you to add to your creation over time.

wonderwall Starter Kit Contents

Wonderwall Starter Kit

Start small and grow big over time

Grow edibles and herbs



Whats in the box:

4 x planters

8 x water filters

2 x battens

4 x rawl plugs

wooden batterns
6x planter screws


Wonderwall 2.3 Kit Box Contents

Wonderwall 2.3 m2 Kit

Go large or share with friends?

Vertical gardening made easy!



What’s in the box:

32 x planters

64 x water filters

16 x battens

32 x rawl plugs

32 x batten screws

wooden batterns
48 x planter screws